Artist reinforcement for the ENSEMBLE ESPERANZA

05. March 2018

The considerably increased level of awareness of our ENSEMBLE ESPERANZA experienced in the past months and the corresponding extension of our musical engagement at festivals and concerts prompted us to carry out two auditions. In this manner we got to know numerous promising candidates. We are now very happy to welcome seven further members that have qualified for admission to the Ensemble through excellent performances:

Henrique do Amaral Oliveira, Brazil, Violin

Johanna Bilgeri, Austria, Bassoon

Victor Garcia Garcia, Spain, Cello

Moritz Huemer, Liechtenstein, Cello

Dagmar Korbar, Croatia, Viola

Valentina Serena Paetsch, Switzerland, Violin

Charlotte Woronkow, Germany, Violin

A cordial welcome to our new „Esperanzas“!