First CD of Ensemble Esperanza "Nordic Suites"

03. February 2017

First CD Nordic Suites released.

With their debut recording, the ENSEMBLE ESPERANZA has embarked on a new challenge for which the venerable form of the suite provides an appropriate setting. The four youthful musical cycles selected here were written during the three decadesleading up to the
First World War,at a time when European art music was dominated by Beethoven and Wagner. Their composers lived and worked on the edges of the Europe, in England and Scandinavia, where they developed highly individual forms of expression away from the musical centres of the continent. At the beginning of the 20th century, these composers were looking for new means of expression beyond the Romantic paradigm; they incorporated current musical trends and developed them with their own colourful language while examining the roots of their own musical traditions.

More information on content and performances can be found in the attached booklet.

The Ensemble performs some smaples from the recording live at the 7th FESTIVAL NEXT GENERATION. More information on CD and purchase options can be found in the menu Media - CDs.