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Tour report - ENSEMBLE ESPERANZA at the Olive Classic Festival - Part II

12. August 2019

Monday, August 5th

After the beautiful concert on Sunday, the larger part of Monday is available for the regeneration of body and soul. The rest of the time is used for the final touches of the two chamber music works, the Brahms quartet and the Rheinberger nonet. Countless magnets and clips on the music stands help us to get a grip on the upcoming winds. Despite this difficulties the general rehearsal goes according to the plan and provide for a fresh breeze among all participants.


Tuesday, August 6th

Today marks the halfway point of the Olive Classic Festival. In the field of tension between togetherness and individuality, of concentration and fatigue and not least of performance pressure and enthusiasm, a unique and noticeable festival atmosphere is spreading. The seemingly inexhaustible energy reserves of our up-and-coming musicians prove to be extremely valuable. Equipped with the latter, the challenges of a project like this can be mastered accordingly. Tonights program will cover the Rheinberger Nonett by the Liechtenstein composer of the same name and a quartet by Brahms. The “European Capitals Concert” begins under a crystal-clear sky. Pure enthusiasm among audience, musicians and organizers alike!


Wednesday, August 7th 

To the delight of all, the artistic director of the festival Sara Domjanic is on the road to recovery and participates in today's final rehearsals for the final concert. Extensive preparations for the last two concerts "Artists in Residence" and "Sound of Lun" determine this day. The final phase of the festival in sight, the musicians begin to get in a special mood and intensify their preparations for it. The ENSEMBLE ESPERANZA with Sara Domjanic is dedicated to the Mendelssohn Double Concerto and Haydn's farewell symphony of the final concert, while Matko Smolcic, Tetiana Lutsyk, Polina Sasko and Dmytro Choni are perfecting their performance for tomorrow. With the two dress rehearsals in the olive gardens, the official rehearsal work ends shortly before midnight. We are looking forward to the last two appearances at the Olive Classic Festival!


Thursday, August 8th

There are scattered clouds in the sky. The generally good mood remains untouched. An extraordinary natural spectacle is given to visitors and musicians. Shortly before the start of the concert, a breathtaking sunset in the olive groves provides unforgettable moments. Then a furious Glinka trio opens the evening and an entertaining chamber music evening begins. The two artists in residence Dmytro Choni and Matko Smolcic impressively show top performances and present themselves at their very best. The Haydn Trio captivates the audience. The final chord disappears into the starry night. A moment of touching silence in the audience – as if it wishes the music to be continued. At once, however, the visitors expressed their enthusiasm with thunderous applause and cheers from all places. A wonderful concert ends.


Friday, August 9th

It is almost unbelievable, the last day of the festival begins: For all of us a joyful and melancholic moment at the same time. The tension, preparation and all the energy of the past days culminate tonight with the "Sound of Lun" concert. The weather god seems to be fond of the Olive Classic Festival - a balmy, starry summer night awaits us. The visitor ranks of the open-air stage are bursting full half an hour before the concert begins.

Then the start with the Mendelssohn Double Concerto in D minor. The two soloists Sara Domjanic on the violin and Dmytro Choni on the excellent Bösendorfer grand piano show themselves spirited and full of enthusiasm. At the following Farewell Symphony by Josef Haydn the ENSEMBLE ESPERANZA appears fully deployed on stage. Fabiola Tedesco does a great job as concertmaster in substitution for Chouchane Siranossian. The Esperanzas offer an inspiring, elegant and vital interpretation. As the author of this work intended, one artist after the other leaves the stage in the last movement. Returning there, the Esperanzas enjoy the now rousing applause and perform a Komitas miniature as encore.

For us a special time comes to an end. We take home a vivid memory of the past days and are excited to see further musical projects with the ENSEMBLE ESPERANZA coming up!