Víctor Marín Román


Víctor Marín Román, born in Málaga (Spain) in 1985, received his first oboe lessons at the age of 14 at the “Conservatorio Profesional de Música ‘Manuel Carra’” in Málaga from Professor René Martín. Further developments in his musical education have taken him to the “Conservatorio Superior de Música ‘Rafael Orozco’” in Córdoba, to study with Professor Rubén Alonso, and to the Vorarlberg Regional Conservatory in Feldkirch to study with Professor Adrian Buzac.

The young oboist has been awarded several competition prizes, including the 1st prize at the Córdoba Symphony Orchestra Competition, and the Young Performers Soloist Prize at “Eurochestries 2000”.

Víctor Marín Román has accumulated considerable orchestral experience, for example with the Málaga Symphony Orchestra, Málaga University Orchestra, the Córdoba Symphony Orchestra, Andalucía Youth Orchestra, the Youth Orchstra of the City of Madrid, the “Junge Philharmonie Salzburg”, the Vorarlberg Symphony Orchestra, the “Tirol Festspiele Erl” Orchestra and in the Liechtenstein Symphony Orchestra. He is also a member of the ENSEMBLE ESPERANZA, which is made up of scholarship holders from the International Academy of Music in Liechtenstein.


February 2017